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WMMXWireless Multi-Media Extensions
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Dell Axim x50v--specifications: Processor: 624MHz Intel XScale processor with WMMX Graphics: Intel 2700G multimedia accelerator with 16MB video memory RAM: 64MB SDRAM FLASH: 128MB Intel StrataFlash ROM Weight: 175g Dimensions: L119mm X W73mm X H16.
Axim X50v Axim X50 Axim X50 mid-level entry-level Intel PXA270 624MHz 520MHz 416MHz processor Graphics solution Intel(R) 2700G Intel PXA270 Intel PXA270 multimedia processor with processor with accelerator WMMX extensions WMMX extensions (16MB) Display 3.
Deborah leaves her position as vice president and general manager of a group of six radio stations (WONE, WTUE, WMMX, WXEG, WLQT, and WBTT) in Dayton, Ohio.