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Routing in WMNs is a vital in the performance evaluation of wireless mesh network.
Centralized control of crowd-shared WMNs using SDN may allow more efficient bandwidth sharing in residential environments [143].
WMNs are an attractive communication model because of the low cost and relative ease of deployment [3].
A wireless mesh network (WMN) was adopted as the best solution to match the specifications.
In this paper, we study the problem of original ETX used in WMN. We consider a wireless mesh network deployed in a simple topology which has three source destination pairs of data which start simultaneously.
From the first routing metric specifically designed for WMNs, expected transmission count (ETX) [4], many routing metrics have been proposed by academic community, but they have at least one of the limitations listed below.
Formal methods [6] have a great potential and proven to be a powerful tool for investigation of correctness of WMN routing protocols.
Paper [8] focuses on enhancing the performance of TCP over the WMNs using link-aware reliable transport protocol which can be considered as state full transport protocol in order to save the state between the middle nodes.
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are self organizing and self configuring wireless networks implemented with IEEE 802.11 hardware (Mahira et al., 2008a).
Manuel Moya et al., "Improving security in WMNs with reputation systems and self-organizing maps," Journal of Network and Computer Applications, vol.
The joint configuration of channels and routes in MR-MC WMNs in the literature such as [6, 13] are mainly based on centralized load-aware solutions where configuration of routes and channels are obtained for a given distribution of traffic load demands across the network.