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WMPWindows Media Player (Microsoft)
WMPWith Much Pleasure
WMPWorkmanager Pro
WMPWhole Milk Powder
WMPWaste Management Plan
WMPWatershed Management Plan
WMPWhite Marine Pearl (drum color)
WMPWeight Management Program
WMPWhen Mana Permits (Everquest gaming)
WMPWar and Mobilization Plan (US DoD)
WMPWork Management Plan (Sprint - CMM)
WMPAir Force War and Mobilization Plan (US DoD)
WMPWetting My Pants (as in laughing; rolling on the floor wetting my pants)
WMPWeapon Monitoring Panel
WMPPostgraduate Programme in Business Management for Working Managers (IIM Lucknow)
WMPWater Master Plan (various locations)
WMPWest Monroe Partners (Chicago, IL)
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WMP Fraaz Ali tweeted: "Surprised it took so long for this to be brought to light.
Now, following the search, two of the officers listed on the WMP History appeal have been identified.
Let's say you have 20 buildings in your portfolio, 15 of which require a WMP because of ASHRAE 188 or state regulations and 5 that do not.
The NVIDIA GoForce 3D 4500 WMP enables a whole new level of interactive content not previously possible on cell phones, PDAs, or other handheld devices.
It showed the court a Windows PC without WMP and ran a few clips - a James Bond movie, Microsoft's own Age of Empires II video game and a music video with a long-haired heavy metal band Nickelback.
Microsoft released a "technical beta" of WMP 10 this week, and said it features a streamlined interface and a Digital Media Mall comprised of storefronts provided by partners Napster LLC, MusicNow LLC and CinemaNow Inc.
The Weller WSL digital soldering station, with WMP micro soldering pencil, features increased control with a tip-to-grip distance of 37 mm.
WMP has declared its position and carried out daily one-person demonstrations prior to Bush's visit.
This bundling did not prevent the Real Networks media players from being preferred by most consumers during the long period (by computer industry time standards) in which the Real products were clearly superior to WMP.
After review of the (Water Management Plan) in conjunction with (advice letters), the commission concludes that the water supplies that the WMP demonstrated to be available provide an ample margin of safety to allow Valencia to serve new customers to the extent contemplated by (the advice letters),'' the ruling said.
Of course, it also takes back the playback right from WMP for all the Real files, not only the ones in 5.
The WMP management team now has over 120 years combined experience, providing exceptional engineering and customer service.