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WMUSWestern Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI)
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Prioritization of WMUs for aerial surveys was based on the following criteria: 1) time interval since most recent survey, 2) local budgets, 3) density of target species in the WMU, 4) prevalence of chronic wasting disease, and 5) stakeholder interests including hunter concerns and public complaints.
APOS wants to give each guide four WMUs to hunt with their clients."
It's a good time for these conditions, as about two-thirds of New York's WMUs still have deer populations below objectives.
To sign up, call DEC at the phone number for your area: WMU 3C Region 3 Mike Putnam (845) 256-3098; WMU 5A Region 5 Ed Reed (518) 897-1291; WMU 7J Region 7 David Riehlman 1-800-388-8244 ext.
The term KD refers hereafter to the actual geographical extent of the MNRF KD and applies collectively to WMUs 6, 7A, and 7B, and as appropriate, to 2 forest management units (MU), the Kenora MU and the Whiskey Jack MU.
The study area included 12 WMUs (28, 29, 31, 32, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42) in northeastern Ontario, Canada (Fig.
As the population grew throughout the state, additional WMUs were opened to hunting and permits increased; hunting now occurs in most of Vermont.
Helens North Cascade Wyoming Sierra Madres Gen License/Outfitter; Laramie Range Limited Quota Areas Canada Alberta NW Agricultural Prairie WMUs British Columbia Vancouver Island Kootenays and Peace Regions Manitoba Western Region GHAs 13,18,23,29,30; South Interlake GHAs 21,25,25A Saskatchewan Northeast Farmlands * Please note that Bowhunter makes every attempt to provide accurate information.
WMUs selected for detailed investigation were in central Alberta east of the Rocky Mountains at the southern edge of the boreal forest (Fig.
Pennsylvania * Bow only some WMUs; Statewide archery 11-13-11-17.
The stated goal of moose management in Alberta was to increase moose numbers in most wildlife management units (WMUs).