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WNDWindsor (Amtrak station code; Windsor, CT)
WNDWorld Net Daily
WNDWednesday Night Dinner (various organizations)
WNDWuxi New District (China)
WNDWriters Never Die
WNDWill Not Disclose
WNDWilson Disease Gene (genetic medicine)
WNDWest Nile Disease
WNDWaving Not Drowning
WNDWhy Not Design (Citrus Heights, CA)
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Speaking during exclusive WND interviews Tuesday, leaders of Hamas and an= =20 allied terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip claimed they have=20 "surprises" in store for Israel as the Jewish state continues its aerial=20 bombardment of Hamas targets in Gaza.
23 Duncan Messersmith & Tax, audit, consulting/ WND
Abbas hopes a large-scale Israeli military campaign in Gaza would distract Hamas from attempting to undermine his rule, the diplomatic sources told WND. "It's an open secret among the diplomatic and military brass," one Israeli diplomatic source said.
According to the informed diplomatic sources speaking to WND, Turkey passed a Syrian message to Olmert today requiring Israel to first pledge a complete retreat from the Golan Heights as a starting point for Israel-Syrian talks.
WND first reported in February Olmert's government had been holding high-level talks with Syria via Turkey regarding renewing negotiations over an Israeli retreat from the Golan Heights.
But as WND has reported, public records in Indonesia listed Obama as a Musl= im during his early years, and a number of childhood friends claimed to the= media Obama was once a mosque-attending Muslim.
The WND project focuses on the primary five fields (Giza, Fayoum, Raven, Taurus and Libra) in the West Nile Delta.
All the natural gas from the WND goes into the national gas grid, helping to meet Egypt's demand.
"The acquisition will bring BP's working interest in both concessions of the WND Project to 82.75%," the BP statement indicated.
Production from WND is expected to reach up to 1.2bn cubic feet a day (bcf/d), equivalent to about 25% of Egypt's current gas production and significantly contribute to increasing the supply of energy in Egypt.
The officials told WND that Moscow is considering the proposal but that there was no immediate decision from Russia.