WNHWhite Non-Hispanic (ethnic group)
WNHWednesday Night Heroes (band; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
WNHWilliam Newton Hospital (Winfield, KS)
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WNH mortality was (at best) not falling, and for some ages increased, while rates in other rich countries fell at all ages.
Figure 10 shows that mortality rates for those with no more than a high school degree increased from 1998 to 2015 for WNH men and women in all five-year age groups from 25-29 to 60-64.
Among WNHs age 45-54, the share of each education group in the population has seen little change since the early 1990s, with those with no more than a high school degree making up approximately 40 percent; those with some college, 30 percent; and those with a bachelor's degree or more, 30 percent.
Indeed, the average age of WNHs age 45-54 increased by half a year between 1990 and 2015, so that part of the mortality increase we documented is attributable to this aging.
Controlling for obesity, MA and BNH were approximately twice more likely to report being told to reduce fats or calories and to increase their physical activity or exercise by their medical doctor than WNH. Controlling for education and health insurance, BNH were more than twice as likely to report receiving diabetes education within the past two years than WNH, controlling for age (Table 2), and when controlling for medical insurance [OR = 2.04 (2.26, 3.30), p = 0.006].
Black, non-Hispanics were twice as likely to report receiving diabetes education in the past two years as WNH. Mexican-Americans were less likely to self-monitor their blood glucose as compared to White, non-Hispanics and the differences were not significant by gender.
BNH and WNH had no significant difference in health care coverage (Table 1).
Shahida Choudhry, co-ordinator of WEN and WNH said: "This is a new initiative that I hope will inspire women to be the best they can be and also support local communities across the Midlands.
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A 7-item depression scale (WNH, [alpha] = .92; MA, [alpha] = .92), an 8-item anxiety scale (WNH, [alpha] = .79; MA, [alpha] = .75), an 11-item self-esteem scale (WNH, [alpha] = .82; MA, [alpha] = .79), a 6-item anger scale (WNH, [alpha] = .88; MA, [alpha] = .84), a 4-item social acceptance scale (WNH, [alpha] = .82; MA, [alpha] = .72), a 5-item shyness scale (WNH, [alpha] = .82; MA, [alpha] = .56), and a 4-item alienation scale (WNH, [alpha] = .75; MA, [alpha] = .66) were also part of the survey.
Refusal rates were low among the dropouts: 3.6% of MA and 5.6% of WNH. Refusal rates among students were slightly higher: 5.3% of MA and 7.8% of WNH.
3/4 4-letter words which exhibit 3 like vowels include: AAAB (an Egyptian, the son of Kherab-cad), FAAA (Tahiti), NAAA (Mozambique), TAAA (Morocco), WAAA (Egypt), ESEE (easy), SEEE (El Salvador), TEEE (Australia), IRII (Japan), DOOO (Ivory Coast), OOON (wnh), OORO (Somalia), UULU (Estonia), UURU (Solomon Is).