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I lived in NE Ohio for 10 years over 2 stints and as a transplanted New Englander, WNIR kept me sane," wrote Kim Rossi Stagliano on WNIR's ( Facebook page .
They say the proposed replacement for WNIR is nothing more than a "temporary shed".
As an individual, I was lucky enough not only to have watched the Cardiff Devils at the old WNIR, but also use the rink as a recreational hockey player.
``We will see tonight, when we play Solihull again, how far we have come since that opening weekend of the season.'' Ticket information for all Cardiff Devils matches is available from the WNIR box office on Cardiff (029) 2064 5988 or via reception on Cardiff (029) 2039 7198.
We demand that our council finally replaces the WNIR with a suitable two-pad facility, a facility as up-to-date as those enjoyed by sports such as football, rugby and cricket.
We are a family of six who have been following Ice hockey for the past 12 years and have been to the WNIR many times when our team have played the Devils.
They are the first visitors of the Findus British National League season to face the Coca-Cola Cardiff Devils at WNIR.
On a new ice stadium for Cardiff AT a time when more people are interested in playing ice hockey than ever in South Wales, it's a pity that we have to have the poor relation solution to providing a replacement to the old WNIR.
There are few things people can do WITH their children and I for one believe that The WNIR provides this much needed entertainment for the whole family .If there were more places like the WNIR then the family would play a much bigger part in the upbringing of our children and perhaps we wouldn't be burdened with some of the anti-social behaviour we see in city and town centres
Cardiff's new rink will have the same capacity as the WNIR, although it is slightly reduced tomorrow when it will be assessed for a full safety certificate.
Sir - Canna Residents' Action Group (Crag) opposes relocating the Wales national Ice Rink (WNIR) within the grounds of Glamorgan Cricket Club (Western Mail, September 20).
We vacated the WNIR in June with the promise that our new rink would be up and running in September, now we have been told it will be November.