WNKWalloon Lake, Michigan (Amtrak station code; Walloon Lake, MI)
WNKWerkvoorzieningschap Noord-Kennemerland (Dutch: North Kennemerland Community Work Facility; North Kennemerland, Netherlands)
WNKWorkforce Network of Kansas (Kansas Department of Commerce; Topeka, KS)
WNKWinkfield, England (GSTDN Station)
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After the 2005 peace agreement, the French firm had to prove its rights and defend its concession as a UK company White Nile (WNK.LN), started working on the ground with the support of Juba.
The Commission also discussed the current situation of block B, after the freeze on oil exploration in Jonglei state of the controversial British oil explorer headed by ex-England cricketer Phil Edmonds, White Nile (WNK.LN).