WNLAWestern Nursery Landscape Association (Overland Park, KS)
WNLAWitwatersrand Native Labor Association
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Gold mining expanded rapidly in South Africa from 1933, with the result that the labour recruiting agency of the South African Chamber of Mines, The Witwatersrand Native Labour Association (WNLA) increased its hunting urge for labour in the region.
By 1946, Witwatersrand Native Labour Association (WNLA) had created an elaborate network of recruiting stations: six in Bechuanaland; thirteen in Nyasaland; twenty in Mozambique (South); five in South West Africa; four in Northern Rhodes; and two in Southern Rhodesia.
Hastings Kamuzu Banda, the then [Life] president of Malawi, banned the recruiting activities of the Witwatersrand Native Labour Bureau (WNLA or Wenela) in the country.