WNMMWireless Natural Multimedia Keyboard
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DayCent, APS1M, DNDC, WNMM, NOE) explicitly deal with each of these processes with varying degrees of process understanding and empiricism (Li et al.
Li Y, White R, Chen D, Zhang J, Li B, Zhang Y, Huang Y, Edis R (2007) A spatially referenced water and nitrogen management model (WNMM) for (irrigated) intensive cropping systems in the North China Plain.
The GIS-based DSS for fertiliser application and irrigation for North China Plain, derived from the Water and Nitrogen Management Model (WNMM), has significantly assisted the dissemination of the best management fertiliser nitrogen practices with substantial economical impact (Chen et al.
You are the new vice president of the WNMM (We Never Make Mistakes) Insurance Company.
Using the WNMM Risk Table, fill in the chart with their Risk Factor (very high, high, etc.)
WNMM must pay out $200 for each hurricane that has hit.
WNMM RISK FACTOR TABLE Hurricanes Risk Cost of Insurance Hit Factor (amount charged) 4 Xs very high $200 3 Xs high $100 2 Xs medium $75 1 X low $50 0 Xs very low $25
2001) and irrigated maize--wheat using WNMM (Water and Nitrogen Management Model) (Li et al.
Here we report a simulation study using the WNMM, to estimate the [N.sub.2]O emissions from a long-term till/no-till, residue retained/burnt, and urea-N applied/non-fertilised rainfed wheat cropping system in subtropical Queensland from July 2006 to June 2009, compared with the in-situ manual static chamber measurements of [N.sub.2]O fluxes (Wang et al.
The WNMM is a spatially referenced, biophysical model developed to simulate dynamic soil water movement and soil-crop C and N cycling under agricultural management, for the purpose of identifying optimal strategies for managing water and fertiliser N.
Nitrification and denitrification are the only two microbially mediated processes considered by WNMM to contribute to [N.sub.2]O emissions from soils.
Li Y, Chen DL, White RE, Zhang JB, Li B, Zhang YM, Huang YF, Edis R (2007) A spatially referenced Water and Nitrogen Management Model (WNMM) for (irrigated) intensive cropping systems in the North China Plain.