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WNOWWydzial Nauk O Wychowaniu (Polish: Faculty of Education Sciences)
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Wnow rugby fans have a new way to watch our national game thanks to the introduction of Ball Cam.
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WNow let's hope that this marriage begins with plenty of love swirling around in the air and carries on in triumph.
+ 0.3; 5.9-5.4-6.2, #1 cume 418k beats Radio One RhymCHR 1.7, CHR WNOW 2.6.
-- 0.4; 5.8-5.9-5.4, tops Radio One's Rhythmic-CHR 1.3 & CHR WNOW 1.6.
CBS also owns AdultHits KZJK 7.1-7.2-6.4 and News/Talk WCCO/WCCO-HD2 5.1-4.0-3.6, just behind American Public News/Talk WNOW 3.6-3.1-3.7 with their co-owned rapid riser AdultAlt KCMP 2.7-3.1-3.9 and the KCMP AA Stream showing .4.