WO5Warrant Officer 5 (U.S. Army rank)
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The current regulation now delineates tri-service-sizing benchmarks by pay grade and number of bedrooms under five categories: (1) General/flag officer (O-7 and above); (2) Senior officer (O-6); (3) Field grade officers (O-4 and O-5), warrant officers (WO4 and WO5), and senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) (E-9); (4) Company grade officers (O-1 through O-3), warrant officers (WO1 through WO3), and senior NCOs (E-7 and E-8); and (5) Junior NCOs (E-5 and E-6) and private (E-1) through corporal/ specialist (E-4).
Trainee (E-1), private (E-2), private first class (E-3), corporal (E-4), sergeant (E-5), staff sergeant (E-6), sergeant first class (E-7), master sergeant (E-8), first sergeant (E-8 serving as top enlisted soldier in a company), sergeant major (E-9), command sergeant major (E-9 serving as the senior enlisted soldier in a battalion or higher), WO1, WO2, WO3, WO4, WO5, second lieutenant (O-1), first lieutenant (O2), captain (O-3), major (O-4), lieutenant colonel (O-5), colonel (O-6), brigadier general (O-7), major general (O-8), lieutenant general (O-9), and general (O-10).
Initially, the course will be open to all uniformed communications professionals of all services in the grades of E6 to E9, WO3 to WO5, 03 to 05 and assigned to a functional or service component command headquarters.