WOFSWorld of Feng Shui (e-zine)
WOFSWard Organizational Features Scales (hospital management)
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(1) Moreover, when WOFS' home and host countries differ significantly in terms of political and regulatory institutions, these foreign subsidiaries will experience greater difficulties in intensifying political ties with host-country government actors in order to mitigate government interference manifested through regulatory enforcement (Henisz and Zelner 2005).
However, research has yet to empirically investigate how political and regulatory distances between a WOFS's home and host country will influence the relationship between managerial perceptions of regulator vulnerabilities (2) to political pressure and the ability of WOFSs to intensify political ties.
WOFS.com started in 1998 as the first online feng shui magazine, but has since grown into an extensive feng shui resource and portal offering everything to do with the fabulous living skill of feng shui.
Survey the surroundings: As the first step, it is always important to survey the surroundings of your land carefully, taking note of waterways, lakes, and mountain ranges surrounding your land, WOFS.com said.
She has built her career on a curriculum vitae that emphasizes her MBA from the Harvard Business School, her position as the first woman from Malaysia to head a publicly listed company and her stint as CEO of the Hong Kong Dao Heng Bank, before reinventing herself as co-founder of the WOFS website.
For those who want to get married, WOFS claims that this 2014 is the perfect year to get hitched especially because the Romantic Star dominates the centre during this time.
By July 2014, it wouldn't be good that's why WOFS advises to get out of the markets by that time.
The development of warmed-over flavor (WOF) was initially observed about 40 years ago, and it is now believed to be caused by lipid oxidation.
Because WOF continues to be one of the major quality concerns of pre-cooked meat, research continues into removing WOF from these products.
As noted previously, the dependent variable in this study is FDI entry mode choice at the time t of outward FDI entry: whether the firm selects its foreign subsidiary's initial ownership structure as an OIJV or a WOFS. Previous literature (Lee et al.