WOHAWashington Occupational Health Associates
WOHAWind of Hope in the Arid (Isiolo, Kenya)
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After five years, the two left to launch WOHA, the name of which is derived from the initial two letters of their respective surnames.
The thing that distinguishes WOHA is that they're applying these ideas to skyscrapers.
Garden City Mega City: Rethinking Cities for the Age of Global Warming (Pesaro) proposes design innovations for our cityscapes, showcasing prototypes by Singapore-based firm WOHA, from sky parks to vegetation-engulfed buildings.
The series kicks off on 8 February 2007 with Miro Rivera Architects and WOHA Architects.
Larger residential projects were also well represented with WOHA Architects' apartments and mixed-use block (p82)--a dense, complex reinterpretation of Singapore's traditional shophouses--and Dorte Mandrup's resourceful conversion of a redundant water tower into flats (p80).
Under the deal, Arup will work with Liminal Architecture and Singapore-based architects, WOHA, to deliver the project for the University of Tasmania (UTAS).
Winner of the tall buildings category, sponsored by URS, was WOHA Architects, for The Met, South Sathorn Rd, Bangkok, Thailand.
The most recent being February's one titled 'Tropical Rigour' in the AR where he reviews WOHA Architects' Singapore House.
The two partners of WOHA Architects, Richard Hassell and Wong Mun Summ, met while working in the offices of Kerry Hill in the early '90s and have since gone on to become one of the most imaginative young practices in South-East Asia.
Two other young firms on the verge of international acclaim are WOHA Architects -- Wong Mun Summ and Richard Hassell, and KNTA Architects -- Tan Kay Ngee and Tan Teck Kiam.