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WOHLWisconsin Occupational Health Laboratory
WOHLWestern Ontario Hockey League (Canada)
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"Ja wohl!" I replied, still looking him in the eyes.
"Ja wo-o-ohl!" cried I again with all my might with a longdrawn rolling of the " ohl " sound after the fashion of the Berliners (who constantly use the phrase "Ja wohl!" in conversation, and more or less prolong the syllable "ohl" according as they desire to express different shades of meaning or of mood).
"You must know that when I was in Berlin I frequently used to hear the Berliners repeat, and repellently prolong, a certain phrase--namely, 'Ja wohl!'; and, happening to meet this couple in the carriage-drive, I found, for some reason or another, that this phrase suddenly recurred to my memory, and exercised a rousing effect upon my spirits.
We were as much heroes as anybody else, except Peter, and were so recognized; we were taken with Peter and the populace to Peter's mother's cottage, and there we ate bread and cheese, and drank milk and beer with everybody, and had a most sociable good time; and when we left we had a handshake all around, and were receiving and shouting back LEB' WOHL's until a turn in the road separated us from our cordial and kindly new friends forever.
Of course, the person shelling out this advice helped usher an incumbent governor into a spectacular loss, but Wohl's intended audience is likely blind to the irony.
Mergers and acquisitions advisor Generational Equity has announced the sale of its client, Louis Wohl & Sons Group, to BJ Beltram Inc.
Wohl and Schwartz were on the ITV programme discussing how the debacle reflected on Trump, and what it could mean for his presidential future.
As far as emotions are concerned, appropriate emotions may serve a communicative function (Van Kleef, De Dreu, and Manstead, 2004; Wohl and Branscombe, 2005).
About WCS: Founded in 1995, WOHL Communications, Inc.
Wohl and colleagues (2010) determined a reduction in negative affect occurred via self-forgiveness; however, positive affect was not analyzed.
The Duchess of Cambridge during her visit to the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute at King's College
Die Schlussformulierungen nach jedem Abschnitt sollten den Konig wohl vor Schaden bewahren.