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WOIWorking on It
WOIWindow of Interest (digital imaging)
WOIWorld of Interiors (magazine)
WOIWoods of Infinity (band)
WOIWheels of Italy (website)
WOIWildlist Organizational International
WOIWoodlands of Ireland (est. 1998; Dublin, Ireland)
WOIWeeks of Inventory
WOIWaiting On Instructions
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In the present study, the Gene Chip technology was used to detect the miRNA array in the uterus of rats with endometriosis during the WOI. We found that 475 miRNA transcripts were differently expressed between the endometriosis and normal control groups, with 127 being upregulated and 348 being downregulated.
Displacement of the WOI during the midluteal phase occurs in at least 25% of RIF patients [4].
Correspondence should be addressed to Kor Woi Tiang; kor.tiang@uqconnect.edu.au
WOI Dixon said: "We think they're in the Southport area but we don't know where."
a) the fluorescence data were normalized between the steps O and I ([W.sub.OI] = ([F.sub.t] -[F.sub.0]) [([F.sub.I] - [F.sub.0]).sup.-1], as in Figure 2D, nevertheless herein only the part with WOI [greater than or equal to] 1 was plotted in the 30-400 ms time range (linear scale).
, SN Engineering, HSnK Architecture& Engineering, HS INTERNATIONAL INC, NAE WOI KOREA.
(13.) Kor Woi Tiang, Keng Lim Ng, Antonio Vega-Vega, Simon Wood Rapidly enlarging renal tumour during pregnancy: diagnostic and management dilemma journal of kidney cancer and VHL 2014; 1(1): 12-16.
The short period of time in the menstrual cycle, when the endometrial receptivity is optimal and embryo implantation is possible, is called "window of implantation" (WOI).
Exhibitors participating this year from the region currently include Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority, Jordan Tourism Board, Oman Ministry Of Tourism, Qatar Tourism Authority, Egypt Tourist Authority, Pacific World Dubai & Middle East, Across Morocco, TipTours -- WOI Morocco, Abercrombie Kent Middle East, Dakkak Tours International, Emeco Tourism -- Euromic Emirates, Eshet Incentives & Conferences, Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas, Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai, Grand Hyatt Dubai, Hilton Convention Centre and Dead Sea Resort and InterContinental Jordan.
Members of the two local language groups, Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung, were part of the Eastern Kulin nation, an interconnected cultural bloc of language groups that occupied the area of central Victoria, from the Murray River to Bass Strait (Barwick 1985).
It must have been around this time, that Thomas sat down with Kurburra, a Woi wurrung [sic] elder and renowned healer then camped on the upper Yarra, and together they drew a map of the surrounding mountains which belonged, each separately, to a 'willum' of the Woi wurrung.