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WOLWake-On-LAN (Intel networked remote control)
WOLWings of Liberty (gaming)
WOLWorld of Love
WOLWaiver of Liability (various organizations)
WOLWonders of Life (Walt Disney World; Florida)
WOLWord of Life
WOLWomen of Lockerbie (play)
WOLWeb of Lies
WOLWay Of Life
WOLWorking Out Loud (peer support group)
WOLWeb Ontology Language (knowledge representation)
WOLWorld Online
WOLWake on Lan
WOLWriting on Label
WOLWindows Office Live
WOLWindows Onecare Live
WOLWeb Ontology Language
WOLWater of Life (Fontana, California church)
WOLWestwood Online
WOLWin or Lose
WOLWhole of Life (insurance, UK)
WOLWithout Limit
WOLWerewolves of London
WOLWorld of Legends (Utopia game server)
WOLWhinny Out Loud
WOLWoodlands Online (portal site for The Woodlands, Texas)
WOLWork on Line
WOLWow Out Loud (internet slang)
WOLWoman of Leisure
WOLWheezing Out Loud
WOLWarriors of the Land (game)
WOLWervikse Oldtimer Liefhebbers (Dutch; Belgian classic car club)
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"He has only focused his energy to giving back to the community through his philanthropic organisation, the Nile Foundation," said one associate speaking in Nairobi and who did not want to be named for fear of being targeted.YOUTH EMPOWERMENTHe was referring to Mr Wol's organisation that says it is a platform for youth empowerment through entrepreneurship, education and sports, trying to lure young soldiers from violence.
Kerbino Wol should be immediately granted his freedom.
This is not the first time WOL has been caught up in controversy.
“We are very happy with the response that we received from WOL visitors, representing a wide cross section of the learning industry.
We can find a close relationship among modality, speech acts and the modal here: when the modality is epistemic, the speech act performed is prediction, and the modal SHALL is employed (I shal wel have my love); and when the modality is dynamic, the speech act is promise, and, as can be predicted from the discussion so far, the modal is WILL (Thy temple wol I worshipe evermo; I wol doon sacrifice and fires beete).
Sara Ross, who runs a rescue centre in Tenterden, Kent, said: "One day Wol plonked down on Beryl's back in front of the TV.
GARDNER - James Mangok Wol's PowerPoint presentation at Mount Wachusett Community College yesterday was a far cry from the formal, text-laden slideshows featured in company conference rooms and business workshops.
The three-day visit of Choi Gye Wol and Kim Young Ja to Mt.
The device's power management capabilities are fully compliant with Wake-on-LAN (WoL) and Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) specifications.
WOL, as it was popularly known, gave the Navy a tremendous legacy of technology, weapons, and people.