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WOLAWashington Office on Latin America
WOLAWorlds of Late Antiquity (website; University of Pennsylvania)
WOLAWeighted Overlap Add (mathematics)
WOLAWestern Outlaw-Lawman History Association
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Comprehensive maintenance of cleanliness by providing daily cleaning services inside and outside the entrances and entrances, in an efficient, accurate and timely manner using devices, materials and agents with non-destructive effects on the environment, as well as cleaned surfaces and equipment in the inter-university library building stalowa wola, located at ul.
Una tactica que se suponia superada, hoy la resucita el gobierno estadounidense a traves de informes tipo WOLA, para erigirse en vigilante del respeto a los derechos humanos como si su presidente, Donald Trump, no fuera precisamente el primero en violarlos.
The WOLA report said the US government was placing many deportees in danger by sending them through Coahuila and Tamaulipas.
One of the initiatives being implemented by Wola Nani is the design and manufacture of crafts.
The reader is awash in data, from detailed meteorological records to Wola classifications of insect larval stages.
the subject of the order is the delivery of children to educational facilities in the commune of zabia wola on the basis of purchased monthly tickets in the 2019/2020 school year as part of the provision of regular passenger transport services on communication lines covering cities from which students commute from designated stops to educational institutions in in the municipality of zabia wola and back, on all school days from september 2, 2019 to june 26, 2020
We differ in the scale of our relative contributions; for example the volume of hydrocarbons people like the Wola release in burning vegetation is tiny compared to that from our massive consumption of fossil fuels (although the per capita energy use of New Guinea swidden cultivators is considerable, even according to one investigator exceeding that of U.S.
The subject of the order is the improvement of the energy efficiency of sp buildings in wola uhruska and uhrusko
1, list of electricity measurement points), financed from the budget of the commune of stalowa wola along with street lighting.
1) the subject matter of the contract is the construction of a multi-purpose sports field in wola filipowska located on the lot no.
Tenders are invited for Delivery of a new medium-sized rescue and fire-fighting vehicle for the osp unit wola kalinowska