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WOLSWave-Off Light System
WOLSWright On-Line Systems (Corona, CA)
WOLSWater of Life Society (whiskey enthusiasts; Edinburgh University; Scotland, UK )
WOLSWeighted Ordinary Least Squares
WOLSWeighted Output Least Squares
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The base residual value (RV) percentage totals to 72.7%, in line with 72.3% in WOLS 2018-A.
The application would have adaptive intelligence and provide faster solutions to logistics problems, Wols noted.
Originally procured from the French Ministry of Defense, the substance has the potential to improve survivability of wounded warfighters, Wols said.
Le Monstre Passif (The Passive Monster), 1939-40, with its deformed woman and child, declares allegiance to Wols's Surrealist colleagues, paying direct homage to Max Ernst's 1926 The Virgin Spanking the Christ Child Before Three Witnesses: Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, and the Painter; whereas others, such as Die Brucke (Camp), 1940-41, depicting a kind of ship of fools set adrift in an apocalyptic landscape, may be allusive renderings of personal experiences.
Wols pushed the delicate physical obsession of his watercolor drawings in ways that confound the formal and psychoanalytic readings normally applied to similar European work from this period.
The nature and location of the service member's death can greatly influence how much materiel the anthropologists have to work with, Wols said.
By examining the size, density and other characteristics of the remains, the anthropologist can often glean such information as the age, sex, race and stature of the deceased, and can often detect the signs of medical disorders from which the person might have suffered, Wols said.
The base residual value (RV) percentage increased notably to 72.3% from 68.3% in WOLS 2017-A.
Curated by Harvard doctoral candidate Christine Mehring, "Wols Photographs" isolates the artist's photography from his painting.
A case may be made as well that Wols's photographs take on the new-vision school of '20s and '30s photography, eviscerating and abjecting its beautiful-world aesthetic, interning it in the agoraphobic space of the kitchen.
On Friday, Wol became the rst woman in 22 years to take part in a grand prix weekend by driving in rst practice ahead of the British Grand Prix.
After this, the company has to apply to WPC for obtaining the Wireless Operating Licence (WOL).