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WOLTWebelos Outdoor Leader Training (Boy Scouts of America)
WOLTWords of Life Tabernacle (Arden, NC)
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Swedish company Wolt aims to provide eyewear products that compliment hectic lifestyles and effervescent personalities.
For example, in France, the Netherlands, Canada, Finland, Australia and Belgium martial arts are on a list of the ten most practiced sports among children and adolescents (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009; Ministere de la jeunesse des sports et de la vie associative, 2005; Nederlandse Hartstichting and NOC*NSF, 2007; Tammelin et al., 2003; Warren, 2008; Wolt et al.,2007).
wolt ich euch als gehorsamen/ unnd erliebenden/ hie mit vatterlichen zuerkhennen geben." StA A, KA 208, fol.
Bartner, Mort Swinsky/Joseph Deitch, Adam Zotovich/ Ruth Hendel/Orin Wolt, Shelter Island Enterprises, Shubert Organization presentation of a play in two acts by Arthur Miller.
Averaged across N rates, depths, and crop systems, pH in soil solution was ~0.5 unit greater than in the soil solid phase, which is due to a significant [H.sup.+] activity in the electronic cloud of the Stern layer around the exchangeable sites (Wolt 1994).
He begins his next salvo with "Suete lady, pou wend pi mod, sorewe pou wolt me kype" (Sweet lady, you must change thy mood, or you will show me sorrow; 21).
(6) Robert Gottlieb and Irene Wolt, Thinking Big: The Story of the Los Angeles Times, Its Publishers and Their Influence on Southern California (New York: G.
If pou wolt penauns fonde, Take pi wey into holylond, per God was qwicke and dede." (32) At this point in this telling of the story, he agrees to do as the priest has told him to do.
Now that Lorde of lordis be thy spede Where eyuer thow goo in any cruoft, But yff thow wolt tarre thow schalt not nede Any more to put thy fryndis to cost.