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WOMANWorld Organization of Mothers of All Nations
WOMANWomen Organized to Make Abuse Nonexistent, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
WOMANWorld Organization for Mutual Afghan Network (Afghanistan)
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Much hath Zarathustra spoken also to us women, but never spake he unto us concerning woman.
But here, perhaps, some of my younger Readers may ask HOW a woman in Flatland can make herself invisible.
Pray, sir,' said the old woman, 'didn't I see you come out of that gentleman's house?
Next, we shall ask our opponent how, in reference to any of the pursuits or arts of civic life, the nature of a woman differs from that of a man?
There was another old woman watching by the bed; the parish apothecary's apprentice was standing by the fire, making a toothpick out of a quill.
Since season for the production of children is determined (not exactly, but to speak in general), namely, for the man till seventy years, and the woman till fifty, the entering into the marriage state, as far as time is concerned, should be regulated by these periods.
A woman of brilliance and audacity, accompanied by a mere boy, came into the place and took seats near them.
She might be defined, I reflected, as The Woman Who Is Worthy Of Us; but the improbability which every healthily conceited young man must feel of ever finding such a one made the definition seem a little unserviceable.
From San Francisco," replied the Woman, with embarrassment, as great beads of perspiration spangled her spiritual brow.
He noticed that Rokoff seemed to be threatening, the woman pleading; but they spoke in a strange tongue, and he could only guess from appearances that the girl was afraid.
She was the only woman in whose company he felt at ease, for she alone never reached out her arms.
They would have no illusions, and a woman without illusions is the dreariest and most difficult thing to manage possible.