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WOMBATSWomen's Mountain Bike And Tea Society (Albuquerque, NM, USA)
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In May 2009, the Queensland government cheered the rising, but still tiny, population of Northern Hairy Nosed wombats, which they said face a greater threat of extinction than either the giant panda ort the Sumatran tiger.
Both are much more cinematic and polished yet are recognisably Wombats given Matthew Murphy's distinctive vocal.
The Wombats completed two huge sold-out UK tours which included triumphant shows at Brixton Academy, a unique one-off headline show at London's Royal Albert Hall and a massive homecoming show at the 10,000 capacity Liverpool Echo Arena.
He didn't reveal whether he knew a wombat is a small nocturnal marsupial that lives in the forests of south Australia.
About knee-high to a person, wombats dig wide, interconnected burrows.
Struggling to think of one, William came up with wombat and wrote in blue letters: "My name is William.
Time was, not all that long ago, when The Wombats spent every night on stage.
The music and wakeboarding event last year attracted more than 25,000 people to the site near Abersoch on the Llyen peninsula to see acts including Ellie Goulding, the Wombats and Kelis.
WE'VE teamed up with Carling to give you and two friends an exclusive chance to see The Wombats at Glasgow's Carling Academy.
THE Wombats are to rock St Georges Market in Belfast on Monday, November 10 and we're giving you the chance to win tickets to the gig.
The first game for the Third Division Cup saw an even contest between Willington Wombats and Zorbas which needed overtime before the Wombats secured a 79-76 victory.
CHART-topping boyband Lawson and Liverpool indie stars The Wombats will both be appearing at the first Liverpool Music Awards ceremony next month.