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WOMBLESWhite Overalls Movement Building Libertarian Effective Struggles (UK)
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Womble, I've heard he was very handsome, and - er - quite a success, so to say, with the ladies."
"Glad to meet you, Graham Womble," he said in conventional tones, as though acknowledging an introduction.
Womble stirred uneasily, feeling for the other the hatred one is prone to feel for one he has wronged.
"You can be expedient at the same time, and practical," Womble said sharply.
"Then it is as I said," Womble announced with finality.
Womble looked with quick suspicion at Theresa and caught in her eyes a glint of pleased surprise.
Womble stopped a moment to steady his voice and control himself.
The woman attempted to speak, but Womble turned upon her fiercely.
"How much do you want?" Womble demanded, with a contempt in his voice equal to that in his face.
"All right." Womble rushed across the floor to the gold-sack.
With their aim of 'making good use of the things that we find, the things that the everyday folk leave behind', the Wombles' recycling verve was ahead of its time.
The charges relate to an incident on October 31 last year when a group of up to 20 Wombles wearing white suits and white masks are accused of surrounding a group of officers and launching an assault on their van.