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This study contributes to WOMM literature in two ways.
Recent studies in the field of WOM provided evidence for firms to engage in WOMM initiatives.
Join us at Storytellers Campfire's Radio Show Friday, February 15, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time, for more information on the National Word of Mouth Marketing Day and the WOMM Fest 2013 Conference.
Mehmen explains Elanco has used WOMM since 1999 to educate veterinarians, nutritionists and producers about market issues and how to maximize the impact of Elanco products.
In the case of their winning Tylan program, Elanco's goals with WOMM were to educate the target audience about the prevalence of Ileitus in pigs and the impact it has on profitability and productivity.
Liska points to George Silverman's book, "The Secrets of Word of Mouth Marketing," for six reasons WOMM is so powerful:
Marketers recognize several forms of WOMM, but talking with others about the product, comparing experiences and helping each other sort it out is considered the most powerful.
Finegan, who has invested a career in WOMM, noted an early strategy employed by Ciba-Geigy.
The new Web site includes case studies of past WOMM programs, client and participant feedback, educational resources on WOMM, and easy to access audio clips of actual Beck Ag-produced programs.
The reality is that a managed WOMM initiative can have a significant positive impact on our bottom lines.
According to research studies completed by Purdue in 2001, and additional, more robust research endeavors in 2007, the benefits from WOMM strategies by no means end at the actual targeted participants.
To capitalize on this trend in marketing, venture capital dollars are flowing to companies with WOMM expertise.