WONFWith Other Natural Flavors
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Juicy Tangerine WONF flavor enhancer is a value-added ingredient, blended using raw materials from different cultivars and geographical origins to ensure consistent supply and quality.
Both Entrapped Natural Honey WONF and Natural Butter Almond Type Flavor are suitable for baking applications.
Available in liquid, spray-dried or powder form as a Natural WONF, an N&A or as an artificial.
For formulations that range from juice drinks for kids and adults to tropical-style beverages and fortified and functional drinks, H&R's new four-pack of flavors includes: Natural Apple Flavor WONF, Lemon Meringue Type Flavor, Natural and Artificial Lotus Plum Type Flavor (BATF Natural), and Natural Mint Type Flavor.
Among Haarmann & Reimer's newest beverage flavors are Natural Whiskey Type Flavor, Natural Pitahaya, Natural Chocolate Flavor WONF, and Entrapped Natural and Artificial White Chocolate Flavors.
This product - Natural Peach Flavour WONF - imparts a rich full peach taste that is fuzzy and fresh, they tell us.
They served one with Natural Peach Flavor WONF and Natural Black Cherry Flavor WONF.
A dry mix reduced-fat cheese sauce containing both cheddar cheese powder and cheddar cheese flavor WONF can be used.