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WONKWithout Normal Knowledge
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For many, this is an alien and even undesirable state to be in, but Wonk and Sacabo are both comfortable there, or at least accustomed.
Bederman was a gift from heaven; to a policy wonk she is the Holy Grail.
Karl Rove is no economist but is a policy wonk of the first order and understands the details of the issues.
In case you're alarmed,dear reader, a wonk is not a misspelled word but a term used for the young, bright and often fresh uni versity graduates who gravitate towards New Labour).
IN FEBRUARY, COLUMBIA University's Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) released the policy wonk equivalent of a Girls Gone Wild spring break video.
Even more interesting, for a policy wonk, employment statistics showed this sector had grown by 34 percent over the last decade, compared with 4.
Young couples are not getting married because an average wedding costs pounds 20,000, and they can't pay, according to a policy wonk.
He was a champion of taxpayers as well as the poor, a wonk as well as an artist, the rare politician who took the time to listen to his constituents' concerns.
A few, like Woodrow Wilson and Adlai Stevenson, have been professorial, though many more (usually unsuccessful) candidates have been a closely related type: the wonk, a character often nominated in recent years by the Democratic Party.
Merchant banker-cum-policy wonk Oliver Letwin is the Tory toff's new best friend.
Alterman throws all sorts of arguments at this one: voting for Clinton doesn't mean you're a liberal like European social democrats or the American philosopher John Rawls; some voted for Clinton because he was a boomer like them or a policy wonk like them, or a "New Democrat" in favor of the death penalty and ending welfare.