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WOOFyWell-Off Older Folks
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For more information on the 70's Boogy Woofy Contest, please visit http://www.
They will be making an appearance at Dundas Mall in Middlesbrough on Saturday, February 6, from noon-3pm when there will be free balloon modelling plus a chance to have your picture taken with Woofy and a mini version of the SuperBus.
Woofy, pounds 110 from Bodie & Fou, is a practical mutt who hides electrical cables in his tummy to avoid them trailing dangerously.
The full litter is Leannes Rhythm, Woofy Woof Woofs, Slobadon, Captain Rhythm, Emmits Rhythm, Big Sexy Rhythm, Brunos Rhythm and Finda Fortune (the only one not owned by me).
Woofy WE have scored some really good goals this season.
Big-voiced baritone Sean Watson (Prince Ypsheim) is developing nicely, but he does tend to get woofy in the extremes of his tessitura.
STILT Walker James Carpenter is striding out with Woofy the dog to accompany children as they take the healthy option of walking to school instead of going by car.
woofy SOME Everton fans need to get a hold of themselves.
Alfio Grasso (Giorgio Germont) sported a mature baritone with a woofy top and a vibrato throughout that masked his musicality.