WOOKIEWireless Object Oriented Kindly Interface Emulator
WOOKIEWireless Object-Oriented Kindly Interface Emulator (68HC11 emulator by Kalle Anderson, Jason Buttron, Paul Clarke and Matt Enwald)
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Her recipe books include Wookie Pies; Clone Scones And Other Galactic Goodies; The Star Wars Cookbook: BB-Ate and Ice Sabers.
his politicisation -- which is where things get interesting because rebellion is also in the air in Solo , not just the old Rebellion led by a princess in white but a grassroots rebellion (as befits our more militant age) of the non-human oppressed, the droids and the Wookies. The film's most memorable character is perhaps 'L3', an activist droid trying to stir up her too-compliant fellow robots and engage them in a battle for equality ("They don't even serve our kind here!" she protests, raising obvious echoes of civil rights).
Chewbacca decided I needed a few flying tips - and you don't argue with a Wookie
Admiral said the quote was so steep because one of the named drivers is a Wookie and warned it couldn't offer breakdown cover for the ship in a galaxy far, far away.
Home Geekonomics showed off a Chewbacca pumpkin that was covered in brown fur, with a face added and a bandolier wrapped around it like the one the famous Wookie warrior wears in the films.
This new package includes solid re–works by Joe Goddard, T Williams, Baauer, DJ Premier, Wookie, Dixon, man of the moment Paul Woolford plus local hero HudMo.
London, Sept 24 ( ANI ): The 'Star Wars Episode 7' film bosses are reportedly looking for a male actor over 7 ft tall to play the wookie, 'Chewbacca.'
The wacky wookie swapped Star Wars for Store Wars as he patrolled the aisles at the Rhyl shop yesterday.
Well, at least she is a whiz at PowerPoint." Compare your assistant to a yeti, a wookie or your mother--any similarly undesirable beast will do.
During the recent rehearsal, the four launched into "Wish You Well," with a fifth member, Sean Neuberger (known as "Wookie'), hanging out, tapping his foot and dancing.
Camera (color, Panavision widescreen), Christopher Ross; editor, Tom Hemmings; music, Laura Rossi; music supervisor, Lol Hammond; production-costume designer, Jane Levick; art director, Lizzie Dixon; sound (Dolby Digital), Mitch "Wookie" Low, Srdjan Kurpjel; assistant director, Sarah Mooney; casting, Tania Polentarutti.