WOOOWorld Orthopaedic Osteoporosis Organization (Switzerland)
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Thus each individual "o" in the phrase hooo wooo is punctual and inert, but in performance a string of o's translates into a prolonged aspirant sigh, resembling that of the wind.
He was throwing himself backwards and going, 'Wooo'.
The Espial TV Browser is a WebKitbased browser to support standards and Web portals such as BML, AcTVila with full VoD download and VoD streaming capabilities, Yahoo Doga, and Wooo.net (portal site).
She posted a photo of herself in her car and tweeted: "On way to sign a (sic) exciting deal wooo." Katie said she has met bosses at Paramount to discuss scripts, which will tell her story and how she has gone from glamour model to businesswoman with an estimated pounds 40million empire.
"Omg just did 6 mile run soooo hard in the wind and cold me and my sister wanted to cry but we did it wooo xxx," tweeted Katie, 32.
Hearing "Wooo, pig, sooie" wailed by the Arkansas athletic director and some fans at the introductory news conference would be enough to startle any newcomer, and believe me, Altman wasn't prepared for it.
I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and scream 'Wooo!"' - Actor Sam Worthington, who was caught chewing gum at the Oscars.
All of Hitachi's Wooo TV sets released since April are compatible with the service named acTVila.
From Hitachi Ltd., KDDI will introduce in July the ''Mobile Hi-Vision Cam Wooo'' that can capture images of 1280 x 720 pixels and deliver them at a maximum 30 frames per second.
Suddenly I heard a loud, "Wooo, woo woo woo!" Recognizing Otto's "watchdog" bark, I ran around the corner of Leonora's house to see two very agitated goats and one very aroused Otto facing each other across a wire mesh fence.
Furthermore, as a TV manufacturer, Hitachi plans to strengthen its competitiveness in the flat-panel LCD TV business by using state-of-the-art LCD panels to develop the world's thinnest flat-panel LCD TV and its "Wooo UT series" of ultra-thin flat-panel LCD TVs.
In addition, KDDI claimed it has also developed the world's first 2.8" QVGA, organic EL display, in collaboration with Samsung SDI, for use in au handsets, to be used in three of the new models including the Wooo Keitai W53H.