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WOOSHWisconsin Organization of Spacemodeling Hobbyists
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Craig's additional USD375,000 has been combined with the existing USD2,245,000 loan, and the aggregate amount of USD2,620,000 owing to Craig Wireless is evidenced by Woosh issuinga secured convertible promissory note.
An eerie silence came over the plane as the props made a sudden woosh and wound down.
You have to pull the flesh out like pulling a plug (a bit like giving birth) there's a slight woosh and you get a release of liquid and the whole lot comes out elongated and then recoils.
With a woosh, the microphones were in front of CU free safety Robbie Robinson.
He let fly a shot at about 20 feet as the silence was broken by a warery woosh at the launch and recoil form his speargun.
The results in the beginners' section were: first, Woosh by Dominic Smith, second, Loch Goil by Dominic Smith and, third equal place, Happy by Barry Nelson, and Venetian Twilight by Dominic Smith.
He could have been forgiven for squirming when he saw it woosh past Jennings' off stump after a tight but very well-judged leave.
WOOSH! And up goes the old Fort Crosby at Hightown.
The bubbles were lively and there was a woosh of pineapple aromas, just like the syrupy juice you get in a tin of pineapple chunks.
Or should that be woosh. Peter & Ulrich Dry Riesling (12% abv, PS11.99 or PS9.99 if you buy six at Majestic) is a bone dry wine with aromas of apple and peach; and then on the palate flavours of peach, apple and apricot giddy along to water your mouth, finishing off with a slight minerality.