WOPAWomen Officers Professional Association
WOPAWorkshop on Parallel Algorithms
WOPAWool/Polyamide (treatment of textiles and fabrics)
WOPAWorld Organization for Positive Action (Pompton Lakes, NJ)
WOPAWimbledon Old Players Association (UK; est. 2005)
WOPAWorst of Public Access (TV show)
WOPAWarrant Officer’s Protection Association
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* Third, net wins, WOPA, and WAA are all centered on zero by construction.
PPPL scientist Hantao Ji said WOPA represents the first time for a comprehensive assessment of the opportunities in plasma astrophysics.
First, they will empty ten of the thirteen tanks of the Wopa that did not indicate any problems in tests at the State Lab.
Thus a man and woman (as husband and wife) may make a pledge to each other regardless of any crisis situation, as an affirmation and consolidation of their conjugal feelings and care, that whoever of the two dies first s/he will not make the other's life and their children miserable by coming back as a wopa ilymane to inflict sickness on them.
'Can I have a Whopper with fries, please?' - 'Allai gael Wopa gyda sglodion os gwelwch yn dda?'
Specifically, the lab analysis showed the presence of microbiological loads in the water carried in three of the 13 tanks aboard the Wopa. The Water Board, however, argued that the issue could be solved with the addition of chlorine to the water.
It may well be that this agnate had, while still alive, given some money to QANG which he didn't reciprocate (as he should have to a distant agnate) and now as a wopa ilymane (spirit of the dead) he seized the opportunity to get even with QANG by blocking his soul-vision and thus effectively blocking one mode of actualisation of his potency.
The Water Board had announced that the load aboard the Wopa, the second tanker, would be supplied directly to LimassoleCOs drinking water network, but State Lab analysis, now indicates problems with some of the water carried on the second ship.
In the third part I deal with the vicissitudes of his favourite wife's presence in his life following her death whereby she became a spirit of the dead (wopa ilymane).
Meanwhile, the State Lab has completed its analysis of the water aboard the Wopa, the second tanker that arrived from Greece, and confirmed the water is of good quality.
In this process of decomposition and liquefaction, the human soul substance and its differentiated components transform from a mortal-corporeal to the immortal modality of existence as the spirit of the dead (wopa ilymane).