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WOPRWord Processor
WOPRWodne Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (Polish: water rescue teams and lifeguards)
WOPRWestern Oregon Plan Revisions
WOPRWoody's Office POWER Pack
WOPRWorkshop on Performance and Reliability
WOPRWar Operations Planned Response (from the movie War Games)
WOPRWest Oakland Pacific Railroad (California)
WOPRWaiver of Premium Rider (insurance)
WOPRWritten Oral Partial Review (US Military Academy)
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Thus, as I began to delve into the BLM's draft EIS for its latest management plan, and with the ill-fated WOPR in mind, I fully expected to find more of the same.
The WOPR, which the BLM rammed through in the final days of the George W.
Environmentalists almost immediately filed suit against WOPR, alleging that the BLM failed to adequately consider the plan's effects on salmon and northern spotted owls, both at risk of extinction, as required by federal law.
After the WOPR was withdrawn, a judge dismissed all the pending cases.
It took the BLM five years to write WOPR and cost the agency $18.5 million.
That plan - known as the Western Oregon Plan Revision, or WOPR - was yanked by the Obama administration in 2009, and in 2010 a new task force came up with a list of proposals designed to find collaborative solutions to end lawsuits by environmentalists and the timber industry that have stymied either logging projects themselves or the management plans that govern them.
Deeming the WOPR "legally indefensible," the Obama administration promised a new way forward.
The WOPR would have created thousands of jobs had it been implemented.
The Bureau of Land Management recently spent five years of effort and many millions of dollars upgrading the management plan (the Western Oregon Plan Revisions or WOPR) for the former Oregon & California Railroad lands, which are of such critical importance to the Western Oregon counties.
WOPR was intended to be a blueprint for how the 2.4 million acres of forests in Western Oregon - owned by all Americans - would be managed.
The Bush administration approved the Western Oregon Plan Revision, or WOPR, as it became known, into law Dec.
Salazar stated that he took these actions because WOPR's land use decisions were politically motivated, contained faulty science and were not legally defensible.