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WOPSWest Ohio Paranormal Society
WOPSWidows and Orphans Pension Scheme (Hong Kong)
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Dan Daniel's 1938 story entitled "Watch Those Walloping Wops" begins: "As another Major League baseball season gets under way, let me advise you to keep an eye on those sons of Sunny Italy, the lads whom their team mates [sic] like to call the Walloping Wops." (9)
How soon after the words "I've written greasy wops" passed his lips must he have realised his life's work was on the line for the sake of one of the least-funny jokes ever heard on Radio Cymru?
When she added that she had written "nice food" next to Italy, Mr Cairns interjected to say: "I've written 'greasy wops'."
Indeed Ruth Lea included the view of the obligatory London cabbie complete with dark references to Froggies, Wops, Gerries, etc.
A Big Up to Radio 4's Ed Stourton for informing us the Queen Mother once told him the EU wouldn't work because "Huns, Wops and Dagos" never get on.
With the single phrase "greasy wops", uttered on a Radio Cymru programme, Alun Cairns lost his senior front-bench role in the Assembly, the chair of the influential cross-party finance committee, and was suspended by the party from standing as prospective candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan at Westminster.
SHADOW Welsh Education Minister Alan Cairns yesterday resigned over a controversial radio interview in which he dubbed Italians "greasy wops".
Apparently she referred to European leaders as "Huns, wops and dagos".
ASSEMBLY Member Alan Cairns, has been forced to "eat his words" - referring to Italians as "greasy wops", flavoured with herbs and garlic I presume, and served up with copious amounts of spaghetti.
A TORY has resigned as the party's Welsh education spokesman and been suspended as a general election candidate after likening Italians to "greasy wops".
THE Conservative Party has moved to put an end to the controversy surrounding AM Alun Cairns' remarks about "greasy wops", by appointing a new Shadow Education Minister.
A SENIOR Tory has been suspended as a candidate MP for referring to Italians as "greasy wops".