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WORWorcester (Amtrak station code; Worcester, MA)
WORWake-On-Ring (motherboards/NICs)
WORWake on Ring
WORWorld Outdoor Racquetball (sports competition)
WORWorld Online Racing
WORWater-Oil Ratio
WORWork Over Rig
WORWake on Radio (low-power radio transceivers)
WORWeekly Operating Report
WORWithout Our Responsibility
WORWork Order Record
WORWaiting on Rig (oilfield)
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Through purchasing WOR, Mahoney Environmental will continue to expand these services nationally and solidify its spot as one of the nation's top licensed recyclers in the United States.
The integration of WOR into Mahoney Environmental will allow for direct service to Mahoney customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
The 22-year-old took the win in the WOR Expert Class and the overall race with a brilliant ride.
I am very excited to be joining WOR and becoming a part of the new flagship station for Mets baseball," said McCarthy.
Founded in 1922, WOR 710 AM is New York's oldest radio station and one of the country's most iconic radio brands.
I think when he left WOR he really was done," said Crowley.
During the first three months of 2013, WOR Properties acquired from White Oak for $12.
ARLP will lease the acquired coal reserves back to WOR in exchange for a royalty income stream.
Midday host Mark Simone sat in 2/18 on WOR for Segal, whose show continues on in DC and Richmond.
WOR Radio, known in the broadcasting industry as a "Heritage Station" because it was a pioneer in the development of broadcasting in America, is the first radio station to more to lower Manhattan.
WOR West End Lad, not born and bred Though with proud Geordie adoption, it has to be said Many are the miles this man has tread, with box camera in hand, the lens if sped and Captured time 'Alang' Scotswood Road and township of Elswick, his manor, his pictures are record of The people and the bricks and the spanner Life works are shared with us, he cared for us and we for him as accorded Well done 'Wor' Jimmy you canny lad, so many Geordie hearts are happy you passed our Way and we say, never sad.
Other tenants in the 25-story building include Liz Claiborne, WOR Broadcasting Corp.