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WORAWrite Once Run Anywhere (Java)
WORAWhen Online RPGs Attack (gaming blog)
WORAWestside One Residents' Association (UK)
WORAWeave On Right Advantage
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Though initially stymied by what they saw as an Establishment majority on council, WORA built links to activists in other wards (who were mainly fighting high rises and widened roads).
All this must have sounded wonderful to WORA, but the word encouraging cloaked considerable complexity and difficulty.
For many area residents, A & W and Dairy Queen seemed quite in line with their own suburban dreams, and even WORA activists judged drive-in society from the inside of their cars.
Confronted with the Bronte Dairy Queen, suburbanites could grasp at the possibilities of the new by turning in, or try to reshape and revive the old by joining WORA.
Although there is some evidence that employed women--and, in particular, mothers who spend more time at work--are more positive toward their young children, provide higher quality home environments, and are better off economically (Crockenberg & Litman, 1991; Huston & Rosenkrantz Aronson, 2005; Moss & Tilly, 2001; Zaslow, Pederson, Suwalsky, Cain, & Fivel, 1985), the "work first" emphasis of the PP, WORA legislation presumes that most mothers who receive welfare benefits are employable and that the jobs they are able to get will pay a living wage.