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March broke the silence that followed Jo's words, by saying in her cheery voice, "Do you remember how you used to play Pilgrims Progress when you were little things?
There are some exceedingly useful words in this language.
He saw a short word prepared for Emma, and given to her with a look sly and demure.
Don't for his sake -- " she whispered the next words in a kiss -- "Don't for Mine
Half words are better than whole ones in this land of ours.
What words did I utter, or what counsels did I give that had not the furtherance of thy honour and welfare for their aim?
If you cannot tell your right side from your left, I fear that no words of mine can make my meaning clear to you.
Upon my word," cried the old man, "you make short work of this kind of affair.
I could not bring myself to write more, and even those few words were merely slipped into one of the books which you had given me.
Yes, that must be so," thought Pierre, when after these words the Rhetor went away, leaving him to solitary meditation.
Jerry, who heard, registered, and recognized many words that were as truly tools of thought to him as they were to humans, but who, by inarticulateness of birth and breed, could not utter these many words, nevertheless in his mental processes, used images just as articulate men use words in their own mental processes.
After he had been through the grammar repeatedly, he took up the dictionary and added twenty words a day to his vocabulary.