WOREPWisconsin-Ohio Reference Evaluation Program (Kent State University)
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We believe we have designed the WOREP to take account of these issues as follows:
Criticism: The WOREP "actually measures customer satisfaction.
In the WOREP all outcomes are measured in terms of patron.
Although such searches in music can be extraordinarily complex, it was necessary to remove these transactions from consideration in order to compare music library statistics with corresponding figures for general reference departments in the WOREP database.
Neither this study nor the general WOREP study distinguishes between graduate and undergraduate student employees.
An important component of the library employees' portion of the WOREP survey consists of identifying various environmental factors that may affect the success of the reference transaction.
Although data from specific-item questions are typically excluded from most WOREP analysis, it is interesting to note that the total percentage of these questions answered in music libraries was much higher than that in general libraries.
Most of the trends identified in this article have been consistent throughout the study to date, and it will be interesting to see if they remain so as we add more libraries to the growing WOREP database.
The original WOREP survey instrument, designed for use in general reference departments.
For the class of questions excluded from most WOREP reference analysis, see the library-employee portion of the survey instrument, box 1, item A-1, in the appendix.
Murfin, "Since the purpose of the WOREP was to provide an assessment of the skill of reference staff in assisting patrons to find information, it was decided to measure the two categories [i.