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WORFWeb Services Object Runtime Framework
WORFWindow Observational Research Facility (International Space Station)
WORFWaba Open Robot Framework
WORFWWW Observing Remotely Facility
WORFWarriors of Rain Forest (game)
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"I ain't such a juggins as to go agen a toff as makes it worf while to do as I'm bid an' 'old me tongue."
"Why, massa, taint worf while for to git mad about de matter - Massa Will say noffin at all aint de matter wid him - but den what make him go about looking dis here way, wid he head down and he soldiers up, and as white as a gose?
He'll be joined by his tried and trusted band featuring Guy Fletcher (keyboards), Richard Bennett (guitar), Jim Cox (piano), Mike McGoldrick (flute), John McCusker (fiddle and cittern), Glenn Worf (bass), and Ian Thomas (drums).
The musicians, most of whom have performed with Knopfler for years, are Guy Fletcher (keyboards), Richard Bennett (guitar), Jim Cox (piano), Mike McGoldrick (whistle and flute), John McCusker (fiddle and cittern - a Renaissance-period stringed instrument), Glenn Worf (bass) and Ian Thomas (drums).
I had a meeting with Worf and explained everything about why I'm terrified of the Jem'Hadar, and I go back and sit at my desk and I look up and he's still there and I say, 'Oh, you still here.' For me, it was total loss of any touch with reality ...
Their first decision was to determine the best telescope assembly that WORF (NASA's acronym for the Window Observational Research Facility) aboard the ISS could support.
Worf, Two Faces of Wilderness--A Time for Choice, 16 Idaho L.
According to Joachim Worf, training manager, EMC education services, EMEA although EMC began initial talks of bringing the alliance to the region more than two years ago, the programme implementation across educational institutions began only in 2011 first in Egypt and then in the UAE.
Michael Dorn's portrayal of Worf on Star Trek: The Next Generation (ST: TNG) heralds the modern move from a totalitarian model of the culture to that of the honorable warrior practicing something more akin to Japanese bushido: hence, some of the similarities between Klingon operatic practice and Noh.
The band will consist of Richard Bennett on guitar, Guy Fletcher on keyboards, Jim Cox on piano, John McCusker on violin and cittern, Mike McGoldrick on flute, whistle and pipes, Glenn Worf on bass and Ian Thomas on drums.
These sections focus in particular on the interaction of two such proposals: Richard Worf's argument that group searches should be analyzed against the backdrop of political-process theory (9) and the proposal I have made that investigations of groups, like investigation of individuals, should be governed by proportionality and exigency considerations.