WORPWireless Outdoor Router Protocol (Proxim)
WORPWomen of the Romantic Period (teaching website; University of Texas)
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This WORP Sync harmonization results in reduced self-interference and improved consistent, high throughput performance, improved over the air efficiency and collocation, common timing protocol for multi-vendor equipment environments.
Paulraj s combination of deep technical capabilities with a nuanced understanding of technology businesses will provide excellent guidance for us as we similarly look to use our proprietary and copyrighted WORP software to deliver truly differentiated products to our customers.
The agency also said WORP will allow it to better mesh its management with requirements of the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act and the Federal Land Management Act.
It features QoS support for converged video, voice and data, enhanced security with AES encryption, high-performance with Dynamic Data Rate Selection and WORP, as well as a high power 5GHz version for extended range, the company claims.