WORSWisconsin Off-Road Series (mountain bike race series)
WORSWorldwide Outpatient Reporting System
WORSWeighted Operative Risk Scale (surgical medicine)
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Which must be mutual, in proportion due Giv'n and receiv'd; but in disparitie The one intense, the other still remiss Cannot well suite with either, but soon prove Tedious alike: Of fellowship I speak Such as I seek, fit to participate All rational delight, wherein the brute Cannot be human consort; they rejoyce Each with thir kinde, Lion with Lioness; So fitly them in pairs thou hast combin'd; Much less can Bird with Beast, or Fish with Fowle So well converse, nor with the Ox the Ape; Wors then can Man with Beast, and least of all.
mo sh ma wors commu Gruffydd AM " Mr Gruffydd challenged First Minister Carwyn Jones to train and recruit nurses and doctors to meet demand and ensure specialised care for dementia sufferers in the community.
Research by UK charity the EY Foundation has highlighted the "stark regional varia tions" in the number of people locked out of unemployment, and said it could be wors ened "by a period of weaker economic growth in a Brexit environment".
It was made for the Bobby Robson Foundation in November 2009 by Jimmy Nail, Kevin Whately and Tim Healy of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and included an additional verse which went: "And now a word for Bobby Robson, hero of the Toon; A football man, a gentleman, who never let wa' doon, a friendly word, a cheery smile, and brave right to the end; We're proud to say yer one of wors, Sir Bob...
Wors We still, he has now been endorsed by Tea Party queen Sarah Palin, the former vicepresidential candidate, who thought Africa was a single country and claimed she grasped foreign policy because she could see Russia from her Alaskan home.
I have spend my tyme 7 gyffyn my bysynes principally this iiij or v yers in compylyng dyuers bokes concernyng the furtherance of the kynges causis 7 opposing of the vsurpyd auctorite 7 therby gretly hyndered myn own bysynes that as I shall answer afore god I aw the wors by it by a C l.
Management at the lodge process all the meat into dry 'wors, biltong and table cuts--nothing goes to waste.
Input Parameters Values of Wors t Values of Critical Case Scenario Case Scenario Mobile speed (km/h) 15 15 Number of cells 7 7 Number MS 1 1 RSS weight 40% 45% Available bandwidth 10% 5% weight Cost weight 30% 10% Delay weight 5% 30% Network condition weight 15% 10% Angle of movement 90 1 (degree) Path loss type Macro urban path loss PL(dB) = 33.81xlog10(fc)-79.4+35.04xlog10(d) Simulation time (sec) 100 MS highest (m) 1 BS highest (m) 40
Just make sure you know what else is in your wors. Conservationists take note of all of this.
As a res ult power differentials not only exis t but wors ened through educational policies s uch as undermining of public s chooling while encourag ing privatization of education and creating and s us taining educational apartheid'.
In order to obtain an es timate of the uncertainty for an element for which an information value is given, adopting a wors e-cas e s cenario approach, the given value is divided by SQRT(3) as s uming a rectangular dis tribution.
They note that prevail ing economic and social circumstances have wors ened the shortfall in affordable housing in the Vale.