WORZWerribee Open Range Zoo (Australia)
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This resembles findings in Francois and Worz (2008) showing a positive and significant impact of increased business service openness on exports of technology intensive industries.
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Based on an industry-level analysis, Fillat Castejon and Worz (2006) argue that disaggregating flows by industry conveys important information because industrial specialization and composition are different across countries and this may affect the ability of a country as a whole to take advantage of the multinationals' technology.
Pain and depression interaction is explained in terms of joint neurochemical etiologic mechanisms (Worz, 2003).
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Worz (1999), en un estudio sobre los nombres propuestos dentro del genero Eryngium, considero a E.
LEGENDS come around once in a lifetime, you are worz. A true Geordie, cheers Al.
But this is supported by an earlier study [Crespo and Worz (2003)], which used a sample of 45 countries including many developing countries along with all the industrialised countries.
At a sectoral level, there is empirical evidence that trade openness enhances productivity gains and industrial catching-up in technology-intensive industries (Stehrer and Worz, 2003a).