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WOSWeb of Knowledge
WOSWorld of Springfield (Playmates Toys toy series)
WOSWorld of Sport
WOSWorld of Spectrum
WOSWell of Souls
WOSWebserver On Stick
WOSWashington Ornithological Society
WOSWilson Ornithological Society
WOSWages of Sin (Arch Enemy album; also game)
WOSWalk of Shame
WOSWork Order System
WOSWeeks Of Supply
WOSWife Over Shoulder
WOSWonders of Science
WOSWild Olympic Salmon
WOSWindow on Science
WOSWeapons of Sound (band)
WOSWhite Oak Stables (online horse game)
WOSWarriors of Silence (gaming clan)
WOSWestchester Oratorio Society
WOSWaiver of Subrogation (insurance policies)
WOSWolfson Ornithological Society
WoSWarriors of Scandinavia (gaming clan)
WOSWeb Version Oriac and Siriac
WOSWorkstation Operation System
WOSWartime Operational State
WOSWashover String (oilfield)
WOSWholesale Operator Services (telecommunications)
WOSWindow of Service (outsourcing)
WOSWaikato Outdoor Society (New Zealand)
WOSWatches of Switzerland
WOSWall of Sound (record label)
WOSWaste of Space (website)
WOSWholly Owned Subsidiary
WOSWindows Operating System (Microsoft)
WOSWeb of Science
WOSWorking Operating System
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WOS Connect further enables DDN partners to deliver integrated technology solutions supported by joint sales and marketing programs.
Given the ability for WOS to scale exponentially, SSERCA can grow easily beyond its initial multiple-PB capacity to support future growth plans for the alliance which may triple the number of petabytes of distributed cloud storage across the alliance's multi-university environment.
After all, its WOS value was less than half of XYZ's value.
The ideal solution for applications ranging from web origins and collaborative workflows to content delivery and active archive, WOS is the only object storage platform with complete flexibility in data protection schemes and offers a complete set of access protocols (REST, WOS API, S3, CIFS/NFS, GPFS and Lustre).
With the introduction of the S3 interface, DDN WOS becomes the industry's only object storage platform with support for industry standard and DDN-unique cloud protocols including Amazon S3 for private or hybrid deployments, direct connectivity in a single name space from a GPFS(TM) environment for high-performance computing and data intensive users, native-REST for custom deployments in Web-scale solutions, and NFS/CIFS for legacy IT and datacenter applications.
Additionally, Hokkaido University leverages DDN's intelligent data lifecycle management capabilities, growing WOS ecosystem and multiple cloud interfaces to share data seamlessly with external cloud-based services, including ownCloud/WebDAV, Google, Swift, S3 and Dropbox.
WOS Access enables multi-site collaboration, data protection, disaster recovery and lowest latency access by applications in multiple geographically distributed locations to support global workflows.
Deluxe Creative Services has deployed DataDirect Networks (DDN) WOS object storage to address the massive storage and seamless sharing of digital content requirements critical to the filmmaking process, anywhere in the world.
WOS president Iolo Williams is concerned it could lead to a longterm decline of some species.
Rapid customer adoption of its SaaS model prompted Bezeq to deploy WOS, DDN's object-based storage platform, to efficiently, securely and cost-effectively manage petabytes of unstructured Big Data.
PBX), as well as support all WOS controllers currently available from major network equipment providers.