WOSIWestern Ontario Shoulder Instability Index (orthopedic medicine)
WOSIWhole of School Intervention (Australia)
WOSIWorld of Science, Inc. (science and nature products)
WOSIWestern Office Systems, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM)
WOSIWorld of Sports Innovation (exhibition)
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After a concise introduction where the author recalls his first encounter with the wosi milamala in 1982 in his field site in Tauwema Village and sets forth the book's structure.
Readers of Senft eager to find new information on wosi milamala will find that this new publication does not provide a significant addition to our previous knowledge of the world of Tuma.
Chapter 3 finally introduces the wosi milamala songs that are the centrepiece of the book.
Despite the popularity of wosi milamala--sung at every wake in the Trobriand Islands--their esoteric nature makes it hard for researchers not acquainted with biga baloma to understand some of the expressions found in the songs.
One of them is Nagiya (Kweinama matriclan), the head of Mwadaosi hamlet in Yalumgwa Village, who assisted me in reviewing the 20 wosi milamala transcribed and glossed by Senft.
The last two songs documented by the author (Wosi Opesi and Wosi Diyapani, 'office song' and 'song of Japan') are well known throughout the Trobriand Islands (anthropologist Jerry Leach recorded a version of Diyapani sung by Sebwagau in 1971, see item #31, in 'Jerry W.
The 76% improvement in WOSI score between the initiation of treatment and long-term follow-up demonstrated a large improvement in James's shoulder stability (Kirkley et al., 2003).
Kirkley A, Griffin S, McLintock H and Ng L (1998): The development and evaluation of a disease-specific quality of life measurement tool for shoulder instability: the Western Ontario Shoulder Instability Index (WOSI).