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WOTSWay of the Samurai (gaming)
WOTSWord On The Street
WOTSWindows Online Troubleshooting Service (Microsoft software)
WOTSWar On The Saints (book by Jessie Penn-Lewis)
WOTSWideout Technology Services Inc (Philippines)
WOTSWar of the Servers (machinima film)
WOTSWallops Orbital Tracking Station
WOTSWarmness on the Soul (Avenged Sevenfold)
WOTSWielders of the Sword (gaming clan)
WOTSWriters On The Storm (screenwriters competition)
WOTSWorship Of The Senses (band)
WOTSWorcester's Own Tanyon Sturtze
WOTSWeb Order Transaction System
WOTSWay of the Sword
WOTSWarrant Officer Training System
WOTSWrath of the Seraphim (Shadowbane gaming clan)
WOTSWorldwide Origin Threat System
WOTSWaffles Open Tibia Server
WOTSWay of the Spirit Ministries, International (est. 2002)
WOTSWriters of the Sound
WOTSWeakness, Opportunities, Threats, Strengths (more commonly seen as SWOT)
WOTSWarriors of the Shadow (gaming clan)
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References in classic literature ?
'Where young folks learns wot's right?' said Riderhood, gravely nodding.
'And a lovely thing it must be,' said Riderhood, 'fur to learn young folks wot's right, and fur to know wot THEY know wot you do it.
Cruncher, "that a gentleman like yourself wot I've had the honour of odd jobbing till I'm grey at it, would think twice about harming of me, even if it wos so--I don't say it is, but even if it wos.
Upon that there stool, at that there Bar, sets that there boy of mine, brought up and growed up to be a man, wot will errand you, message you, general- light-job you, till your heels is where your head is, if such should be your wishes.
When I was a hired-out shepherd in a solitary hut, not seeing no faces but faces of sheep till I half forgot wot men's and women's faces wos like, I see yourn.
And if they're in foreign languages wot I don't understand, I shall be just as proud as if I did."
'And wot,' said Sikes, scowling fiercely on his agreeable friend,
'wot makes you take so much pains about one chalk-faced kid, when you know there are fifty boys snoozing about Common Garden every night, as you might pick and choose from?'
Weller, turning with an explanatory air to the young lady in the bar; 'blessed if I think he hardly knows wot my other name is.
"An' wot 're you snifflin' about?" he burst out at me, with renewed rage.
He told all from the very first: how Robin Hood had slain the forester, and how he had hidden in the greenwood to escape the law; how that he lived therein, all against the law, God wot, slaying His Majesty's deer and levying toll on fat abbot, knight, and esquire, so that none dare travel even on broad Watling Street or the Fosse Way for fear
'Well,' said the same gentleman, after a pause, 'wot's to be done-- anything?