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WOVENWomen of Value in Every Nation
WOVENWomen of Vision Express Network
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You can find best woven purses and basket bags in conceivable shapes, colors and sizes from torso size totes to miniature picnic basket and side bags.
This specific weaving system of the Schonherr Carpet Systems product line enables the economical production of high-quality synthetic turf and greige woven carpets.
It isalso targeted to productivelyengage the students duringtheir long winter vacation.RTA also providesstudents with the allnecessary weaving tools andmaterials.'Most of the studentshave never woven beforeand the products that theyhave woven have turnedout pleasantly,' said anRTA official, adding thatthe younger generation aretaking keen interest in thistradition and that they arelooking forward for moreparticipation in the comingwinter program again.
The Winnitex Group is a renowned leading group in dyed woven fabrics industry.
Their professional skills as well as aesthetic designs were next to none, and this made the Owe woven cloth very popular and the most sought-after in the area before decline began to set in.
"Having started this business only a couple of months ago, I was shocked when Carol Hanlon, CEO of the Belmont Business Enterprise Centre notified me that Woven Journey was a finalist," Shoshana Byrne, Owner of Woven Journey said.
Jejims are woven on simple horizontal looms by narrow stripes 3035cm wide and 1510cm long.
Lois woven lounge chair, PS89, bluesuntree.co.uk Left: A woven lantern will mark you out as a leading light when it comes to home decor.
House by John Lewis, Salso outdoor side table, johnlewis.com This woven chair is the perfect combination of comfort and style.
A woven surface's configuration--every thread is either over or under other threads--corresponds to binary code.
Andean languages applied to weaving terminology describe a woven thing as if it were a living being.
These classes go a long way toward helping students make informed choices about fabrics, and they clear up popular misconceptions like "satin is always made out of silk." Because satin is a type of weave, any fiber can be woven using that method--for example, many satins are made of polyester.