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In this paper, we adopted the method of FAHP to solve the decision support under multicriteria and employed enhanced WOWA operator to aggregate each decision from different decision makers, in which the weight assigned to operator was one key factor for the performance of the alternatives selection.
Second, FAHP method and WOWA operator are introduced.
A WOWA operator of dimension n is a mapping function: [R.sup.n] [right arrow] R with the two weighting vectors of p = [{[p.sub.1], [p.sub.2], ..., [p.sub.n]}.sup.T] and w = [{[w.sub.1], [w.sub.2], ..., [w.sub.m]}.sup.T].
Adapting to the characteristics of the UTO metro system, an approach of the enhanced WOWA operator is proposed to assign the importance of the dispatchers to the ordered weights, solving emergency alternatives selection from multi-dispatcher of UTO metro.
Integrating the Enhanced WOWA Operator with FAHP Method.
The aggregation matrix [p.sup.*s.sub.ij] of preference judgment under criterion s is formulated with enhanced WOWA operator by
Aggregating the Preferences of Dispatchers with WOWA Operator and FAHP.
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