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Economists correctly report that such a selective comumption tax woWd distort the economy because people woWd buy more exempt items.
or nuclear power, and although the Massachusetts Governor has not yet taken a public stand on the reactor issue, his staff readily predicts he woWd back the proposed ban and take steps to implement it if elected.
It woWd bring debt service costs on property investments down to a level where they would be covered by rental income." The only problem is that a fall of that magnitude could bring down the Japanese banking system and, with it, the rest of the world's.
Whether he wanted W or not, Humphrey as President woWd have had to end American involvement or risk the dissolution of the Democratic Party.
It already has helped &aft legislation that woWd further entrench forfeiture as part of the fabric of our law.
And that is to commit the major political crime of the Hiss case, substituting spying (covert operations, as we woWd now say) for politics.
And next to this is something we soon make out to be a male nipple, a vortex in a network of pores and follicles, skin as it woWd have been seen by the microscopic eyes of Guiliver on the Brobdingnagian ladies who liked to dandle him.
After Portugal announced in late I that it woWd withdraw from its colony, civil war erupted between various nationalist groups.
What do you think your supporters woWd think if they saw you sitting here with him?"