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WOWOWayne Offers Wonderful Opportunities (radio station slogan; Fort Wayne, IN)
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At my (well-run) health centre recently, over half of the people waiting, including, shamefully, children, were wowo, some extremely so.
This article uses content analysis as a method to extrapolate markers of racialized and ethnicized identities found within the cultural productions in this study: the Wowo Boyz' YouTube comedy sketch "Sensitivity Training", In America: The Story of the Soul Sisters by filmmaker Rahman Oladigbolu, and Americanah by novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.
and Markland (Hong Kong) Planning Ltd., pursuant to which Moonlight Vista will acquire a 9.82% stake in Chinese foodservice industry-focused B2B online e-commerce platform Wowo Ltd.
JM WOWO will provide two basic platform services for China's catering and hotel merchants: the first is the B2C cloud integration marketing platform which can help catering companies "broaden their sources of income" and lower the sales costs; the second is the B2B cloud intelligent procurement platform which can help catering enterprises "economize on their expenditures", lower the procurement costs, and guarantee food safety.
Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C) has been appointed by Wowo Limited (Wowo), as the depositary bank for its American Depositary Receipt (ADR) programme.
TORCHWOOD WOWO O D WO DI'm TOTO As a dead body in Doctor Who spin-off
The major focus of Resource Mining Corporation is on the development of its wholly owned Wowo Gap Nickel Project located 200 kilometres from the PNG capital of Port Moresby.
$21 at THE WOWO DOG POD This bent plywood doggy (or kitty) bed is described as "an Eames chair for your best friend." It comes with a washable white faux fur lining in a variety of different finishes.
Dos strea ta frei Two stars are flirting, ku kinipi di wowo. winking eyes at each other.
When they are babbling you think you might hear a word like hiya, but it might just be wishful thinking!': Goya, wowo, mimi ...