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WOZAWomen of Zimbabwe Arise
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* Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA), for their courage in the face of arrest and torture, for remaining the voice and face of the suffering people of Zimbabwe;
South Africa's Woza Online initiative makes it easy for small, medium- and micro-sized enterprises (SMEs), who lack funds or skills, to set up an online presence quickly and easily.
In his other protest poem, "Woza Nonjinjikazi" (Come monster of Steel) (Vilakazi, 1935) (4) (not discussed in detail in this article), Vilakazi had already complained that people going to work in the enormous Rand mines were regarded as Iost forever by their rural families.
In sowel die gedigte "Woza Nonjinjikazi" (reel 13) as "Ezinkomponi" (reel 44) van Vilakazi word die werkers op die myne met molle vergelyk en gevolglik die mynhope met molshope.
A play that featured on the Main theatre programme, but could be identified more with the hard-hitting, original and edgy theatre of the Fringe was the production Woza Andries?
The blame for this can be shared on both sides (many civil society groups, like the NCA, are single-issue focused and take the overall dynamic in unhelpful directions; others, like WOZA, insist on going it alone as a matter of principle), but ultimately it falls to the MDC as the largest and the only true political party, co show the way.
On 25 January a delegation of 200 women and men marched to Mhlahlandlela Government Complex to deliver the WOZA (Women of Zimbabwe Arise) report regarding the collapse of the education system in the country.
Instead, Rapola's narrator in "Street Features" "fumbles along the merciless street" (83) of the new city, recognising that even "in the old days" of "'woza weekend'" (79) the street was "never a piece of architectural genius" or "inspired engineering" (78).
Post readers might be interested in coming to mac over the next couple of months to see events including Ralph McTell, Motionhouse Dance Theatre, Macbeth: Kill Bill Shakespeare, Woza Albert!
Two involve reciting particular phrases aimed at warding off spiritual harm; the third entails inviting the bird, the Black-faced cuckoo-shrike (cio woza), to eat food cast in its direction, so it will be appeased and cease calling.
There were no further developments in the cases involving members of WOZA who were detained during a prayer vigil in April 2005 while awaiting election results.
However, one group has grown and continues to grow--Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA).