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WPAAWildlife Protection Association of Australia (Beerwah, Queensland, Australia)
WPAAWestern Plains Arts Association (Colby, KS)
WPAAWhat People Are Asking (Florida Labor Market Statistics)
WPAAWestern Province Archery Association (est. 1950; South Africa)
WPAAWest Portal Avenue Association (San Francisco, CA)
WPAAWestern Pennsylvania Airgun Association (Homer City, PA)
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WPAA hold a Poleathon every year for charity and this year chose Cyrenians because the area around the university has a high homeless population.
The FTC created a WPAA page in 2015, (92) responding to a number of questions posed by "advertisers, ad agencies, bloggers, and others." (93) Many of the questions referred to the connection between the Endorsement Guides and social media, specifically sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
(212) But--as indicated by the WPAA page--if the tennis player were to take a Screenshot of the interview, post it on her Instagram account, and tag the athletic-wear company's account in the photo, she would have to disclose her material connection to the company because her followers could see it as an endorsement.
Our scheme provides a parent-child-based tree-structure algorithm for updating the priority numbers, named as the WPAA (described in the following section).
Thus, we propose a WPAA to dynamically assign the specific priority number to each device by the coordinator according to the recent transmission feedback.
acceptance of WPAA in Carhart II, it is reasonable to expect that it
opponents of abortion hope that WPAA may become the justification for a
As would be expected, the application of the former s 15 WPAA (which deals with the effect of marriage on a will) is continued for wills made before the commencement date of s 12 where the willmaker's marriage was solemnised before that date.
There is extensive case law on what constitutes a will expressed to be in contemplation of marriage (s 15 WPAA) but the cases turn very much on their particular facts.
(86.) See Siegel, Dignity, supra note 79 at 1733-34 (noting the joy with which antiabortion advocates greeted Carhart II's reflection of WPAA and their plans to expand their efforts).
There has been little inquiry into the history of the post-abortion syndrome (PAS) claim, (25) and even less attention given to the developments in antiabortion advocacy that led to the transformation of PAS, a therapeutic discourse, into WPAA, a legal and political argument.
The WPAA board is headed by President Patricia Castille of The Pennsylvanian, Brothers Property Corp.